Bränsle för Racing !!

Bränsle för Racing !!

Sunoco Race Fuels som tillverkas och utformas på Amerikas östkust i Philadelphia, är den största tillverkaren av racing bränslen i världen. Alla Sunocos race bränslen är tillverkade med Sunocos egentillverkade petroleum alkylat, vilket är nytt raffinerad för maximal renhet och konsekvens.

För Inköp av Bränsle Kontakta Bertil Nilsson
Tel: +46 40 29 37 50
Fax: +46 40 29 37 20
Mobile: +46 70 760 43 98

För att få rätt produkt till Din motor ....

SUNOCO 260GT PLUS (109RON, 99MON and 4.5% oxygen) - Unleaded
A fuel designed for the performance enthusiast who wants a highly oxygenated extremely high-octane unleaded and clean burning fuel. This is the control fuel for SCCA. It is suitable for racing purposes and high performance street vehicles, powerboats, jetskis, motorcycles etc. In fact, engines with compression ratios as high as 14 to 1 will benefit greatly from this powerful, clean and fast burning fuel. It is heavily oxygenated to improve engine breathing and power figures in engines with air fuel restrictors.

It blends with any pump fuel (for those who want to boost the octane of normal petrol) and provides great protection against knock (pinking or detonation). Suitable for pinto engines with small carburettors. Unleaded and contains ethanol as the oxygen carrier. Recent tests have shown that the Sunoco 260GT Plus gives awsome power in highly boosted turbo engines (Nissan Skylines drag cars etc).

Please note that due to the very extreme design of this high power fuel it is by nature very unstable. Make sure that you do not expose the fuel to direct sunlight and do not keep containers open. Do not leave fuel in the vehicle's tank for longer than 48 hours if it is not guaranteed airtight.

Sunoco RTC (102 RON, 90 MON and 3.7% oxygen)

Sunoco RTC  (102 RON, 90 MON and 3.7% oxygen)

R TC is specially blended for turbo engines. It is designed to provide maximum power over a wide rpm range in highly tuned applications. Its specially developed anti-knock ingredients allow maximum advance timing, without pinking. R TC is designed to withstand extreme cylinder pressures and is extremely resistant to detonation. Every batch is extensively tested to ensure maximum quality and complete conformity. The high oxygen content (3.7%) of this fuel provides increased power, especially when used together with engines which have to run air-restrictors. Available in 25 and 200 litre drums.


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E 100 R Racing Etanol 200 Liter

E 100 R Racing Etanol  200 Liter

Vi är stolta att presentera vår senaste produkt R E100R, en ren etanolbränsle, konstruerad för racing. R E100R produceras i England av de europeiska importörerna för Sunoco, världens största racefuel producent. Detta innebär kvalitet.

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